Brand Strength

Since its establishment in 1992, Tubao has been actively exploring global business. With the growth of its brand strength, its overseas business has made great progress.
Resource Advantages
  • Self-owned Re
  • National Purchas
    ing Resources
The Company has fast-growing forest covering 15333ha. The Company has a raw material supply platform of fast-growing forest base covering 15333ha in China, and this base provides a strong and sustainable resource support for Tubao.
Relying on the Company's large business scale, Tubao has been able to establish a nationwide supply management system, and its businesses covers a wide range of decorative building materials, such as panels, flooring, panel furniture, coatings and so on. The Company has also improved the supplier selection and evaluation mechanism, actively strengthened communication with the suppliers, and made efforts to build a fair trade relationship with the suppliers.
Manufacturing Advantage
  • Manufacturing
  • Advanced
There are six major production bases in China. The Company takes Zhejiang as the main industrial base, and the industrial clusters of a certain scale have been formed in China and Cambodia.
A handy tool makes a handyman. The Company has strong technical force, has international imported production equipments, has independent production line process from logs to finished products, so that the product quality can be guaranteed.
Industry 4.0 Standard Intelligent Manufacturing Base

Bunny Home Furnishing In
Dustrial Park


More Than 100,000 Square Meters Of
Production Workshop

Global Cooperation
  • Project Coop
  • Overseas Co
Tubao has always insisted on achieving sustainable and win-win development with its partners. With its strong R & D, design, production, service capabilities and efficient and professional system solutions, the Company has become a high-quality supplier and service provider in China's real estate and home building materials industry.
Since its establishment in 1993, Tubao has been actively exploring global business. With the growth of its brand strength, its overseas business has made great progress. Tubao has cooperated with enterprises in the United States, Britain, Italy and other countries/regions to build a global marketing channel system. Its products are sold to more than 40 countries and regions on five continents.
Tubao Cooperated With Alberta Research Institute, Canada
Canada's first provincial scientific research institution with more than 600 scientists and engineers involved in scientific research fields including energy, life sciences, agriculture, environment, forestry and manufacturing.
R & D Cooperation
Canadian Alberta Institute of Science and Technology Innovation is the first provincial scientific research institution in Canada, and this Institute has more than 600 scientists and engineers, covers such research fields as energy, life sciences, agriculture, environment, forestry and manufacturing. This Institute is an international authoritative R & D institution in the field of OSB, and has established technical cooperation relationship with major OSB manufacturers in the world. The main cooperation fields between Tubao and this Institute are OSB and the development and utilization of forest resources in Canada.
Advantages Of Scientific Research
The enterprise research institute set up by Tubao takes the market demand as the center, and is engaged in the technical innovation activities of improving the efficient and value-added utilization of wood resources, the comprehensive utilization of wood resources and the series of multifunctional wood-based panels. The research and development organization is complete and the research and development facilities are complete.

12national projects

107provincial and ministerial projects

Quality Control
In order to strengthen the quality control of the suppliers and ensure the timeliness and effectiveness of suppliers' supply, Tubao supply center has established a strict supplier selection mechanism to optimize the supplier selection process. The Company timely collects the basic information of the alternative suppliers and relevant certificates of the enterprises to provide the basis for comprehensive evaluation; for the selected suppliers, the supply center will organize regular investigation and evaluation, put forward improvement opinions and suggestions for the problems found, and supervise their improvement, so as to eliminate unqualified suppliers in time.
Brand Honor
Tubao takes promoting the green process of the industry as its own responsibility. Relying on its strong resource advantages, technical advantages, brand advantages and product advantages, the Company has participated in the formulation of a number of national and industrial implementation standards and undertaken many national major projects. The Company has successively won various honors, such as China's environmental marking products, American AWFS Science and Technology Innovation Award, FSC/COC forest certification,CNAS laboratory accredition certificate, Zhejiang Provincial Government Quality Award, etc.